Nearly eight weeks later, “Wednesday” is still climbing the Netflix Top 10 list


Netflix might get flak for canceling shows left and right after a season or two, but when they find a hit, man, do they really find a hit.

I’ve been watching Wednesday’s behavior on Netflix for almost two months now, since the show was released on November 23, 2022, and here, almost eight weeks later, it’s still not hovering in the top 10 list, but it’s actually climb through the top 5 again, currently sits at #3.

I think after all this time I’ve only seen a dip on Wednesday to #5, at least in the US. And while half a dozen other shows have reached #1, Wednesday was there at least 3-4 different times, rising as new shows come and go.


Currently, Ginny and Georgia is #1, Vikings Valhalla is #2, and Wednesday is #3. Third-party shows like New Amsterdam and The Walking Dead are already falling down the list. The previous No. 1, Kaleidoscope, is already at No. 6 after being released by Ginny and Georgia.

Finally, as I write about Wednesday for the umpteenth time, I can say so now has has been renewed for Season 2 by Netflix. Of course, this was always going to happen, but there may have been some rights issues with MGM and its new owners, Amazon, but none of that was ever made public, if any.


Wednesday itself has now reached 1.5 billion watch hours, its longevity helping it achieve a truly insane total for a first season, unmatched by anything other than Squid Game at 2.27 billion hours. In the long run, I wonder if Wednesday could somehow catch it, although another 700 billion hours is a big gap. However, I also didn’t expect to see Netflix’s third most watched series on Wednesday after eight weeks.

Right now it’s just a snowball effect. So many people have heard about Wednesday that everyone feels like they should check it out eventually. It’s all over TikTok and Instagram, the season 2 renewal news just arrived, Jenna Ortega was at the Golden Globes answering questions about her dance moves. Unlike most Netflix series, it hasn’t faded from view here even after two months.

It’s kind of amazing because the show is just… okay? Yes, Ortega’s central performance elevates it and is the main reason for its success, but at its core it’s a teen supernatural mystery show, not Which not comparable to something like Sabrina or Nancy Drew. And the mystery was not so interesting! I’m hoping for more in Season 2, but actually more Ortega than Wednesday something will be enough to make the second season a huge hit, that much is clear.


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