“Need for harmony between the judiciary, the legislature and the executive”: Chief Justice NV Ramana


People think it is the responsibility of the courts to make laws. This notion must be dispelled: Chief Justice

New Delhi:

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana today stressed that there is a need for harmony between the three organs of the state – judicial, legislative and executive – in order to ensure a proper justice system.

“It is a general understanding of the people that it is the responsibility of the court to make laws. This notion must be dispelled. This is where the role of the other organs of the state, that is to say, say the legislature and the executive, takes on great importance. The legislature needs to review laws and reform them according to the needs of time and people. I insist that our laws must correspond to our practical realities . The executive must accompany these efforts by simplifying the corresponding rules. More importantly, the executive and the Legislature should work in unison to achieve constitutional aspirations. Only then would the judiciary be not forced to intervene as a legislator and would only have a duty to apply and interpret the same thing. to justice “, declared the President of the Supreme Court at the grand opening of the new Odisha State building Le gal Services Authority in Cuttack.

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The Chief Justice also underlined that in a previous speech, he had mentioned the need for an Indianization of the legal system and that he wished to speak about it today.

He said: “Even after 74 years of independence, traditional and agrarian societies, which have followed customary lifestyles, are still reluctant to go to court. The practices, the procedures, the language and everything that concerns our courts seem foreign to them. Between the complex language of deeds and the process of delivering justice, the common man seems to lose control over the fate of his grievance. Often in this trajectory, the justice seeker feels like an outsider to the system. a harsh reality, our legal system often ignores social realities and implications. Unfortunately, our system is designed in such a way that by the time all the facts and the law go to court, a lot of things get lost in the process. take their issues to court, but what’s left at the end of the day is yet another ‘case’.

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The chief justice added that these are the problems he wants to see addressed by Indianization.

He stressed that the general belief is that it is the courts that are able to address these concerns, but the harsh reality is that unless the legal framework is “radically changed” to make the mechanism for delivering justice “User-friendly”, the goal cannot be achieved.

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