Netflix Bans Password Sharing: Why It’s Risky


One in three streams for free

Netflix wants to prevent unauthorized password sharing from 2023 – why that’s risky

According to Netflix, it’s about billions of dollars: the streaming giant loses a lot of money every year because of free riders. Netflix now wants to change that. But according to an expert, the shot could backfire.

Accounts should be linked to one location in the future. This is how Netflix wants to take action against streaming free riders. (icon picture)

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A joint Netflix account with a work colleague or brother who lives in another city: This is also widespread in Switzerland – and has so far been tolerated by the streaming giant. Although strictly speaking it’s not allowed: only people who live in the same household are allowed to share an account according to the Netflix terms of use. With the most expensive subscription, you can stream on four devices at the same time.