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SINGAPORE — When a local Redditor recently asked if Singaporeans are generally okay with being single, quite a few commenters were obliged with answers.

“Based on the many threads here, it seems there is a strong desire to find a partner regardless of whether the person matches the personality,” did you write/Familiar-Mouse4490 on the askSingapore community on Sunday (January 8).

The post owner added: “Don’t people usually say, “If you don’t even want to date yourself, then shouldn’t you be dating?” Do you feel it’s just the societal pressure that pushes people to find a partner here that makes them unhappy Singles?”

Familiar-Mouse4490 ended the post by writing that they understand this is a “natural reaction and reason when you see people getting married around you.”

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However, they also asked, “but what about finding joy within oneself?”

A number of netizens answering the question pointed out that happy singles are not always online or express their joy as single.

One wrote “there are thousands of singles in SG (actually the proportion is quite high last time I checked) and there are only hundreds, maybe dozens of posts” on Reddit, adding that “Those who are single and are happy with that status don’t post not to tell everyone that they are happy to be single, they just keep to themselves.

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“Happy singles won’t randomly post about how happy they are, it would be weird if they did,” another Reddit user wrote.

This was repeated by a lucky single.

“Just because ‘there’s a strong desire to find a partner’ doesn’t mean single people are necessarily miserable. There are many of us who live our lives just fine,” another wrote.

“Happily attached people are busy being happily attached. People tend to share more about the things they are sad about,” agreed one Reddit user.

One of them believed that in many cases it is a matter of “the grass is always greener” for both single and married people and that married people also have their own problems.

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One commenter wrote, “I do believe the national narrative is that you must get married or be considered a failure. Especially given the housing policy. To me, an outsider, Sg feels like a place where you’re only supposed to live with only one life with an approved script and I think it’s pretty stupid. I’m not saying those who follow the scripted life are wrong, cool to them, I’m saying looking down on other lifestyles seems inappropriate.”


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