Netizens blame Neha Kakkar for recreating Falguni Pathak’s iconic song, saying ‘don’t ruin our childhood…’


The T-series released the teaser of Neha Kakkar’s song, the remake of Falguni Pathak’s Sajna, on Sunday. However, this did not go down well with the netiznes who criticized the singer for recreating iconic songs.

One of the social media users wrote: “Neha Kakkar ab bas kar! T series tumlog khichdi ki dukaan khol lo yar. Gano ki khichdi acchi banate ho. Bhayanak.” The second said: “The youth touches Hope the great comes Love from Sri Lanka.” The third person commented, “That’s it! She just ruined my whole childhood. Absolutely awful!!!!!!.”

The fourth said, “As always, neha kakkar has ruined our childhood memory.” The fifth person wrote, “It was an absolutely beautiful song until you ruined it with this voice.” The sixth person commented, “Oh God, why do they have to screw up all the nice old songs.” The seventh person commented: “What a shame! This was such a beautiful and soothing song by Falguni Pathak, why did you ruin this song?????”

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Neha Kakkar recently spoke on the subject in an interview with a news portal, saying that not everyone is as sensitive as she is, so she can “don’t blame” those who make fun of her.

She told ETimes: “I can’t blame them, there are a lot of people who are not emotional at all! To people who are not emotional I would seem fake. But people who are sensitive, like me, will understand me and with me Today we don’t see many people who can feel the pain of others and want to help them. I have that quality in me and I don’t regret it.”

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Viewers usually criticize reality television for amplifying the drama by focusing on the private lives of the competitors. According to Neha, a reality show needs more than just singing and dancing, which is why they also focus on the lives of the participants and their families to keep the show interesting.

She thinks viewers can identify with these individuals and their stories, and that when they highlight a contestant’s achievements after great sacrifice, viewers can identify with them because everyone knows someone who has overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

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“We’re just showing what’s happening in our homes on the show.” Neha Kakkar added.


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