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SINGAPORE — A photo of an ATM with discarded receipts scattered on the floor left one member of the public wondering if Singapore was indeed a first world country.

“Guys, come on, we are (a) first world country. Location Ang Mo Kio Central Stage DBS outlet,” a member of the Facebook group Complaint Singapore wrote on Monday (Jan. 23).

He added a photo of the ATM with receipts thrown on the floor below the machines.

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Photo: FB screenshot

Members of the online community noted that while the country is first world, its citizens do not reflect it.

“1st world country but a lot of 3rd world citizens and mindset,” said Facebook user Nicholas Chan. “1st world country doesn’t mean you’re 1st world citizens, leh,” said another individual.

Netizens also gave suggestions to keep the area tidy and make sure there is a trash can to dispose of receipts.

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“Should not set a receipt by default. Only spend when necessary,” added another netizen.

“There is an option to see the account balance without printing a hard copy. If the guy throwing these slips only knew that scammers can steal their money with these slips, they would either stop printing them or keep them after they’re printed. Alternatively, the banks can start charging a nominal fee for printing,” said Facebook user Kristan Lim.

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Netizen Benny Chow suggested to punish the nest bugs. “Very easy, check the account holders of those receipts on the floor. Fine them!” /TISG

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