New ‘Fortnite’ Season 4 Teasers Show Off Pieces of Battle Pass Skins


Epic is finally tease Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 official, no more leaks, just real art. And now two new images have been added to the Paradigm image seen earlier, showing off two new Battle Pass skins that we already knew were coming (again, thanks to leaks).

The image above is of Spider-Gwen, the Into the SpiderVerse version of Gwen Stacy that leaks said would be a battle pass skin for Season 4, and now it looks like it’s coming out. The image below is what I believe to be “Goth Meowscles”, although we don’t know the official name of that skin. It’s definitely claw-clawed, and what looks like his outfit there.

Obviously these are both crawling out of a pool of chrome like the original Paradigm teaser, in keeping with the earlier concept that this season some sort of Terminator 2 like liquid chrome will cover the map and consume it all. What is it? Why is it happening? And why is this season called PARADISE when it’s devoured by chromium? Those are all answers we don’t have yet.

Besides Spider-Gwen being a battle pass skin (I’m guessing either rank 1 or rank 100), we’d be getting Miles Morales herself as a store skin later in the season. It’s not clear if we’ll get a Brie Larson/Paradigm skin as maybe the season’s secret skin with a helmet-off version like we did The Foundation, but I guess we’ll have to see.

The Fortnite Season 4 start date is September 18, 2022, so only a few days left and that’s why these teasers are starting to roll out soon. I’ll keep checking my timeline as I write this so I can grab others going live as I’d more or less assume we might get the hands of every battle pass skin shown by more of these teasers . So far as of this writing, only these two are members of Paradigm, but check back for more updates as I doubt they will be the last.

As for the season itself, I’m looking forward to becoming Metal Mario or whatever happens with this chrome stuff. How much torment does the poor Fortnite map have to endure?

Update: Another one, this one a fully chromed pointer, indicating a chrome based character:

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