New in luxury family travel: rewarding, global and unique learning experiences


Parents who think back to their own school experiences likely associate the term school trip with the class piling up on a school bus on their way to a museum, historical or cultural institution. But thanks to the new Field Trip program unveiled yesterday by luxury travel company Black Tomato, parents can now combine unique learning experiences around the world with family travel.

“We have seen a strong increase in demand from our large family market in the US and UK, prioritizing the personal and academic development of their older school-aged children,” explains Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato. . “Field Trip aims to meet their needs; whether it is to support subjects for university and inspire potential future careers, or more simply to instill joy in learning and to contextualize main and emerging subjects – but not in a conventional way. Far beyond the blackboard, being able to transport children out of the classroom and away from their screens, to develop their skills and interests in situ, has been incredibly rewarding, knowing that we can help shape experiences, expand knowledge and developing dreams for the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, policy makers and activists.

Available for anywhere from half a day to several days, depending on interest, for children 12 years and older, the heart of each excursion is to promote sustainability and generate a positive social impact. The eight disciplines range from archeology to economics with 64 behind-the-scenes, insider experiences in destinations such as Chile, Cuba, Israel and Egypt. Among them:

Future historians, anthropologists, and theologians aged 14 and over can gain a comprehensive understanding of the different faiths, customs, and communities found in Indian cities by exploring Jaipur with a Vedic guru or Hindu priest. In addition to imparting wisdom, the priest will unveil the intricacies of Hindu religious customs in his most sacred temples, guide students through a palm reading, and perform a private blessing, giving them insight into this complex society.

Any visit to Cuba is fascinating in itself, not just for the well-known sights of the vividly colored and perfectly restored 1950s American classic cars, the restored Art Deco buildings and the music that floats from every corner of Havana. Cuba has always been a cultural hotbed for music, art, dance and cinema. Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV), the international school of film and television, is where many students from all over the world choose to study. Future filmmakers aged 16 and over as part of Field Trip will sit in the director’s chair and learn all aspects of filmmaking, from technology to the roles of each member of the crew.

Future historians or archaeologists aged 16 and over will learn first-hand what it takes and how exciting it is to uncover history by being part of the excavation team at Saqqara, Egypt’s “city of the dead” – the sacred burial place of many of its most famous pharaohs and queens. Archaeologists will teach excavation techniques, from digging to recording, giving students a better understanding of the culture and bringing this ancient history to life. Like all experiences, it aims to inspire.