New York City announces plans to expand bike lanes and public spaces by 2023


NEW YORK — The New York City Department of Transportation on Monday announced plans to expand bike lanes and public spaces by 2023.

The agency identified improved access for cyclists and pedestrians at the Washington Bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx over the Harlem River, a protected bike lane on Tenth Avenue in Manhattan, and upgraded Open Streets with a two-way bike boulevard on Berry Street in Brooklyn.

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New Yorkers told us they see the need for the improvements but are concerned about potential problems caused by extensive bike lanes.

“So with the cyclists, that could be a propensity for a lot of injuries and accidents. So no, I wouldn’t,” said Brooklyn’s David Ibeneme.

“We need more cycle paths. There are a lot of bicycles. You can see the number increasing. We have to do it,” said another man.

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Another project on the list is a two-way bike boulevard, plazas and shared streets on Broadway between Madison and Herald Squares in Manhattan.

Here are all the announced projects:

  1. Washington Bridge (Manhattan/Bronx, over Harlem River) improving access for cyclists and pedestrians
  2. 10th Ave (Manhattan) protected bike path
  3. Westchester Ave (Bronx) protected bike paths
  4. Berry Street (Brooklyn) Open Street upgrade with two-way bike boulevard
  5. Ashland/Navy/Hanson (Brooklyn) protected bike paths and public space improvements
  6. Broadway (Manhattan, between Madison Square and Herald Square) two-way bike boulevard, plazas and shared streets.
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