Next weather: Multiple rain showers this weekend


MINNEAPOLIS — Some rain showers will move through Minnesota over the weekend.

The subway will get an early morning week, although the storms won’t be severe. The cause of the multiple showers is a slow moving front, but on the back of the rain temperatures will be much cooler.

Saturday will be dry and the temperature will rise to 82 degrees. Northern Minnesota will see the mid-1970s.

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Southern Minnesota is under marginal risk for severe weather; the biggest concern is how much rain will fall in a particular area, especially in the evening and at night.

But the rain that comes through will help the drought. The National Weather Service says parts of the Twin Cities area are still coming in “moderate” and “severe” drought conditions.

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On Sunday there will be showers all day, but it will be a lot cooler.

Next week will be sunny and less humid, with highs in the 80s and no rain in sight.


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