NFT-based Splinterlands is now the most widely played blockchain game


The NFT Splinterlands trading game has become the most popular blockchain game on the market, according to data provided by DappRadar. This confirms that the game has crossed 260,000 daily users to reach the most popular milestone. At the time of writing, the daily user base stands at around 283,950. Blockchain games offer a fun way to earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Their “play to win” concept allows users to earn real digital currency which can also be used outside of games. However, the success of Splinterlands surprised more than one as its emergence at the top of the blockchain game rankings has shown rapid development.

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Based on previous figures, the number of daily Splinterlands users in July was only 10,000. It improved rapidly in August when its base was 90,000 players. Considering its current daily user base, the current number has almost tripled in less than a month. To view the live rankings provided by DappRadar, click here.

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Gaming features allow users to play and trade with NFT cards of different types. The company is constantly giving space to more users on the platform. To date, the game has issued Alpha Cards, Beta Cards, Promo Cards, Rewards Cards, Untamed Cards, and Dice Cards, all of which have been depleted. However, he plans to launch a new card game that will welcome more users into the game.

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As users play, they buy, sell and rent these cards. By exchanging these cards on the game, they earn the native currency of the game, called Dark Energy Crystals. US dollar values ​​may also be attached to these cards,

Splinterlands’ growth owes much to the boom in the NFT industry over the past year. Over the past month, trading volumes in NFT have consistently exceeded $ 500 million (approximately Rs. 3,690 crore) per day. This month, even when NFT transaction volumes are declining, Splinterlands’ user base has continued to grow.

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Splinterlands, like other blockchain games, gives its users the ability to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs while playing. These can then be traded in the markets. The appeal of Splinterlands is that it does not require any cryptocurrency knowledge to play the game.

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