NFT God game Apeiron launches its marketplace


The NFT game Apeiron has announced the launch of its marketplace on Wednesday, September 7.

Apeiron, the world’s first NFT god game on the blockchain, today announced the launch of its marketplace.

In a press release shared with TBEN, the team said this latest development is an important milestone for the project.

In addition, Apeiron users who create an account are eligible for the upcoming airdrop of the first half of the Battle Demo Pass, called “Solar Fragment”.

Apeiron game developers, Foonie Magus, said the project continues to reach development milestones and build excitement towards the first-ever blockchain-based NFT god game.

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Following this latest development, Foonie Magus CEO and Apeiron creator Frank Cheng said;

“The launch of our marketplace marks the beginning of a countdown, a countdown to the rebirth of God Games and the dawn of a new paradigm, where quality innovations begin to reveal themselves in web3.”

The team said it has been working hard to build the necessary in-game infrastructure since closing a $17 million seed funding round in April. Foonie Magus said the new Apeiron Marketplace will support its tri-token system, allowing players to trade Apeiron Planets at prices they see fit.

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Moreover, the market marks a big step towards planet breeding and planet spawning, bringing more functionality to this game.

The marketplace goes live today and users who create a Marketplace account between September 7 and September 21 will be eligible for an upcoming and exclusive airdrop.

The eligible users will receive the first half of the Apeiron Battle Demo Pass. The team explained that the first half represents the solar fragment, while the other half represents the lunar fragment.

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Foonie Magus said community members who own both the Solar and Luna fragments can combine them into an Apeiron Battle Demo Pass.

Apeiron is the world’s first NFT-based play-and-earn god game. The game will feature a unique card-based action-adventure fighting system combined with god game simulation gameplay inspired by classic god games such as Populous and Black & White.