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Nicole Seah of The Workers’ Party shares the importance of home visits because it allows them to reach out to every resident and listen to their problems. Along with Abdul Shariff Aboo Kassim, who ran with her for the East Coast GRC in Singapore’s 2020 general election, the team in blue was in Bedok South earlier this week.

During a meeting, a wet market stall owner complained about how her business is experiencing a slowdown during covid as many consumers are now changing their buying habits and going online.

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“I asked if she had plans to list her business in food delivery apps, but she thought it might be time to start slowly retiring,” Nicole says.

“While it is encouraging to see many exhibitors embracing digital initiatives in preparation for the future, it is also challenging for exhibitors teetering on the edge. Let’s support wet markets where possible.”

In addition to just listening to the ground, Nicole and her party members also went the extra mile by providing details to those who needed extra help. she feels that although the channels for help are readily available, residents sometimes don’t know where to look for them, as the situation can ‘be mentally paralyzed’.

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Another resident shared the difficulty of seeking help since he became unemployed and his wife became chronically ill for the past two years,” said the WP youth department chairman.

“We went through the list of financial aid schemes and asked if he had approached these institutions. Also provided him with the MPS data for his area and encouraged him to bring the appropriate documents to expedite his appeal.”

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“This underlines the importance of home visits to reach them one by one.”

In Singapore’s 2020 general election, the WP team, which included Nicole and Shariff, took 46% of the vote against the PAP team led by then-Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.Follow us on social media

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