Nifty News: revealing Playboy tokens, SNL’s NFT sketch sold as an NFT, and more …


Playboy’s center platters will be sold as NFT after the classic men’s magazine today announced a partnership with Nifty Gateway.

The entertainment and lifestyle brand, famous for its Playboy bunnies, distinctive logo and the dubious claim that men “only read it for articles,” plans to showcase its archive of art, cartoons and photographs accumulated over 67 years, as well as publish a new original work of art.

According to an April 6 announcement, the brand is not revealing specific details for its NFT Drops on Nifty, but has announced plans to “support emerging and under-represented artists entering the NFT art community,” with the first set of NFT to drop in conjunction with former playboy magazine contributor “Slimesunday,” better known as Mike Parisella, and another post slated for June, with 3D artist Blake Kathryn to create a series of pride-focused NFTs.

Speaking to Business Insider, Rachel Webber, Brand Director at Playboy and President of Corporate Strategy, shared her enthusiasm for adopting NFTs:

“We see the digital asset revolution as a huge business opportunity, we see huge growth potential in integrating tokens into our streetwear business, live experiences and events, creating a social token economy with our network. of talents. “

“In the first issue of Playboy magazine, there is this line,“ Picasso, jazz, Nietzsche and sex, these are the four ideal conversation topics for any sophisticated person, ”she added. Appreciation of art and great artists is at the heart of Playboy’s TBEN. “

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SNL’s NFT sketch sells like an NFT

Saturday Night Live auctioned off their unique “What is an NFT?” sketch for 171.99 ETH worth around $ 360,000 on OpenSea yesterday.

The NFT represents a 10 second clip of the sketch a comedic rap by Pete Davidson that breaks down tokenomics – with the NFT including two tickets to an episode recorded in season 47. The highest bidder was “Dr_Dumpling”, which has yet to be re-listed in the secondary markets and has kept the NFT locked.

Proceeds will go to a good cause, with the late night comedy giving all the money to Stop AAPI Hate, a nonprofit reporting center that responds to Asain-related hate incidents, in light of the escalation xenophobia and bigotry. linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top college basketball player drops NFT

Luka Garza became the first college basketball player to drop out of an NFT, after posting a unique auction item on OpenSea yesterday.

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The auction is due to close on April 9 and at the time of writing there have been four bids so far, with the price dropping from 0.25 ETH to the highest bid of 0.67 ETH. valued at over $ 1,400.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA currently prohibits college athletes from using their name, image, and likeness. However, NFTs could now serve as a new source of income for graduate athletes, with Garza now free to capitalize after recently completing his final year of college basketball.

Celebrating the National Player of the Year victory by consensus, Garza’s is launching an NFT that represents a collage of his career highlights, which includes an interesting set of real-world bonuses.

The top bidder will have the chance to meet the player, play with them in a HORSE game, share a meditation session, and attend dinner and a movie. Additionally, the highest bidder receives a lifetime VIP pass to future Garza basketball camps and a pair of signed shoes worn by the game.

NFT after bubble burst

Peter Wood, CEO and co-founder of UK-based crypto trading platform CoinBurp, believes NFTs will reemerge stronger after the initial bubble burst.

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In an interview with D-Corp on YouTube yesterday, the CEO drew comparisons to Bitcoin in 2017, when the price peaked at around $ 20,000 before it collapsed, noting that:

“People called Bitcoin a bubble in 2017, didn’t they? and when the bubble burst, they thought it was the end of Bitcoin. A few years later, it was stronger than ever.

Wood admitted that “I absolutely think it’s a bubble” because he believes the sky-high prices and sales in the NFT market are “inflated by these guys trying to get into space and quickly gain money. money ”.

However, he pointed out that booms and crashes are all natural parts of market cycles and that investments in NFT infrastructure will stabilize the industry in the future:

“When this is the case [burst], and that will ultimately be because every financial market will experience this decline, what will actually be left will be a ton of additional investment, like our company, which builds specifically for NFTs. Products do not flower fully in three to six months. We are building the infrastructure now. “

The Coinburp exchange was founded in 2018, following Wood’s transition from his previous BitBroker project, a UK-based crypto brokerage website.