Njoki Ndung’u pays emotional tribute to his late mother


On Saturday, November 21, Supreme Court Justice Njoki Ndung’u praised her mother, Victoria Mercy Nyaithiru, in a moving tribute during her memorial service.

In her speech, Njoki acknowledged that her mother instilled in her a sense of responsibility which helped her to take responsibility as the firstborn in her family.

“We made many decisions together about their education. Over the years, I have taken on the role of third parent, ”she said.

The late Mama Victoria Mercy Nyaithiru and a baby girl pose for a photo.


Njoki said she confides in her mother through good times and bad.

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“Our personalities complimented each other, we were both workaholics but you were soft-spoken as I was willful, assertive and stubborn. We were a great team, ”she added.

She appreciated her mother for standing up for and fighting for her children during difficult times as well as loving them unconditionally.

Over the past few days, Njoki said, she felt like she was communicating with her telepathically.

“I would tell you that I was not ready for you yet. I found it difficult to accept. Even now I think it is impossible to say goodbye. I find it easy to say, I look forward to it. to see us again. I love you so much, ”she said during a virtual memorial service.

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First Lady Margret Kenyatta, who also attended the virtual memorial, praised Mama Victoria as a passionate and hardworking woman, who raised a distinguished family, whose members have served this nation with distinction.

Margaret is a longtime friend of the Supreme Court Justice, having grown up as a neighbor in the upscale Karen neighborhood.

“She was a solid pillar for this country and looked after her children well. She did it because she believed that everyone should explore their gifts and realize their potential … her wise advice will be missed by many, ”she said.

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Mama Victoria died on Sunday November 15 in a hospital in New York, United States. She was fighting cancer.

President Uhuru Kenyatta praised her as a selfless and hardworking woman whose contributions to the nation will be sorely missed.

“Mama Victoria Nyaithiru was a God-fearing woman who believed that ultimately all good things are the result of a life of honesty, faith and hard work,” he said.


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