No bail for suspect in gruesome murder of mom and 8 month old baby at Limpopo lodge


By Liam Ngobeni 9h ago

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Pretoria – Chantelle Ash’s mother has expressed relief after the accused in the grisly death of her 8-month-old daughter and grandson Tasneem was denied bail last week.

The case was postponed until March 15 at the Mokerong Magistrates’ Court in Mokopane.

The decaying bodies of Chantelle and her daughter were found in a lodge room in Limpopo on January 14, with Chantelle’s hands tied behind her back and her body swollen and almost unrecognizable.

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“I couldn’t recognize my baby… she was so swollen and bruised. It was horrible to watch, ”the mother said.

According to her, Chantelle and her daughter arrived at the Mokopane lodge around 7 p.m. on January 12 with her husband, a Bangladeshi national, and the baby’s father.

“The accommodation had been booked for one night only, with departure time the next day. When the housekeepers opened the room on January 14, they found the bodies of Chantelle and Tasneem, ”the mother said.

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A manhunt has been launched across the country for the alleged perpetrator, who was caught in Joburg.

“Members of government and organizations have talked a lot about gender-based violence and the killing of women by their partners; to speak is to speak, it is time for the government to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated, ”said the grieving mother.

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She said it was time for the national prosecution to be courageous, fearless and consistent in its treatment of the perpetrators of these crimes.

She also asked more people to sign the petition opposing the accused’s request for bail.

The petition, with nearly 9,000 signatures, had already been submitted to a public prosecutor.

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