North Korea denies selling weapons to Russia, accuses US of ‘rumors’


(Bloomberg) — North Korea has denied selling weapons to Russia and taunted the US and “other enemy forces” for what it saw as spreading rumors that Kim Jong Un’s regime was helping Moscow fight in Ukraine.

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“We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia and we have no intention of exporting them,” the official Korean central state news agency was quoted as saying by an unnamed deputy director general of the Ministry’s General Bureau of Equipment. of Defense.

“We condemn the US for mindlessly spreading the rumor against the DPRK to pursue its grassroots political and military goals, and we warn the US to stop making reckless comments that lift the DPRK and shut up,” he said. the official, referring to the country’s official name: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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US says Russia seeks weapons from impoverished North Korea

This month, US officials said Russia wants to buy millions of missiles and artillery shells from North Korea to use in its war against Ukraine, in the latest sign that international sanctions are forcing Moscow to seek help from the country’s smaller, impoverished neighbor. The UK then said in a Defense Intelligence report that Russia is “almost certainly sourcing more and more weapons” from other sanctioned states such as North Korea.

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Any shipment would violate United Nations sanctions imposed on both countries for their military activities that have compounded global security concerns. The North Korean official said Pyongyang does not recognize the measures taken against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, as “no one has the right to criticize” a sovereign state’s right to trade “military equipment”.

North Korea has one of the world’s largest artillery units and has been laying shells for decades. It also shares a land border with Russia that is connected by rail, but the connection was cut at the start of the Covid pandemic and has remained closed ever since.

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Russia remains an outlier among world leaders gathered at the UN

While the leaders of China and India have placed some distance between themselves and Putin during meetings with the Russian leader this month, Kim’s regime has held up my Moscow during the invasion and is one of the few countries to leave the Kremlin-controlled “People’s Republics” have recognized in Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

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