North Texas experts say they expect more severe spring allergy season than usual


(TBEN) – Spring allergy season in North Texas is here, and it can be more severe than in previous years.

“I would say April is worse than usual,” said Dr. Marie Fitzgerald of Family Allergy & Asthma Care.

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There is pollen dust on cars, floors, and everything in between, causing these symptoms that are all too familiar to people with seasonal allergies.

Allergists say the deep frost we had in February is what makes this allergy season more serious.

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“Originally you might think this is going to kill the pollen for the year – wouldn’t it be nice if it had happened – but it wasn’t because the snow was acting as an insulator on it. plants, ”said Dr. Fitzgerald. . “All he did was delay, but that didn’t help.”

The extreme weather conditions have pushed the release of tree pollen closer to the start of the grass pollen season, so there is a bit more of it in the air.

“It’s a very difficult time here in North Texas,” said Dr. Swapnil Vaidya of Advanced Allergy Asthma Associates. “The pollen count has been pretty high the last few days.”

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It also seems to make people sicker.

“What we’re seeing here this spring are people with worsening allergy symptoms that can definitely turn into sinus infections, ear infections and also asthma,” said Dr. Fitzgerald.

These more serious infections can lead to loss of smell and taste, leading some people to fear that they have COVID-19.

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It is not a common symptom in people with typical allergies.

“It can be decreased, but they usually don’t lose it,” Dr. Fitzgerald said. “So when someone tells me they’ve lost their sense of smell and taste, then I think they should do a COVID test to rule out that before they just say it was allergies.”

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Allergists say you can manage symptoms by avoiding exposure to allergens, taking over-the-counter allergy medications, or treating allergies with injections or drops.



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