Numerology prediction September 15: know your lucky number, color and day


Today September 15, 2022 is Thursday. What will be the effect of the combination of planets forming on this day and the state of stars on you? How will your day be for you, know from Guru Kkomal Vasisht.

Know how today will be for you

Number 1 – (date of birth 1, 10, 19, 28 in each month)

The current environment will be favorable in the workplace. Enthusiasm lasts all day. It’s a good day to start new tasks. There will be profit opportunities in business. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family.

  • Lucky number: 2
  • Lucky color: Orange

Number 2 – (date of birth 2, 11, 20, 29 in each month)

Today your day will be normal. It will take time to strengthen the bonds in the family. Before embarking on new plans, you should seek advice from an experienced person. The financial situation will not be in your favor. Students have to work hard.

  • Lucky number: 10
  • Lucky Color: Yellow

Number 3 – (Date of Birth 3, 12, 21, 30 in each month)

Today your day will give mixed results. Officers and colleagues will be satisfied with your work. Stay away from unnecessary controversy. Stomach disorders can bother you, so take control of your eating habits. You may meet an old friend. Love will increase in the family.

  • Lucky number: 14
  • Lucky Color: Cream

Number 4 – (date of birth 4, 13, 22, 31 in each month)

Today will be a normal day for you. Your colleagues will support you. There may be obstacles at the beginning of the day, but with hard work, the work will be completed and you will get favorable results. Drive the vehicle carefully while driving. The mind will be disturbed by family turmoil.

  • Lucky number: 15
  • Lucky Color: Blue

Number 5 – (Date of Birth 5, 14, 23 in each month)

Today will be a better day. There will be more sweetness in love relationships. You can achieve success in financial matters. Do not trust anyone in personal relationships. There may be problems with indigestion. You can plan for expansion in business and business.

  • Lucky number: 22
  • Lucky Color: Turquoise

Number 6 – (date of birth 6, 15, 24 in each month)

Today will be a better day than usual, there will be a chance to spend more time with family and friends. New work can be started. Money can also be raised. Today you will feel strength and enthusiasm. Use networking to keep in touch with others.

  • Lucky number: 4
  • Lucky color: pink

Number 7 – (date of birth 7, 16, 25 in each month)

Today you spend the day having fun. Good news can be received through children in the family. People associated with art, science and technology can achieve success. You may feel full of energy and confidence. Love relationships will be sweet.

  • Lucky number: 3
  • Lucky Color: Saffron

Number 8 – (date of birth 8, 17, 26 in each month)

Today there will be a mixed effect. Long waiting work will be completed, but you may feel fatigued from overwork. There may be concerns about the health of the parents. It’s a good day to expand business work.

  • Lucky number: 34
  • Lucky color: gray

Number 9 – (date of birth 9, 18, 27 in each month)

Today will be a better day. You can plan a trip. There will be growth in business and jobs. You will get good news about love related matters. You will also get relief from problems related to children. There may be obstacles related to your financial work, such as banking or retirement.

  • Lucky number: 21
  • Lucky color: Orange