Nursery admissions to start in Delhi tomorrow, window will close on March 4


NEW DELHI : The kindergarten admission process for schools in the nation’s capital will begin on Thursday and the application window will close on March 4.

The Department of Education (DoE) notified the admission schedule last week, providing respite for anxious parents who have been waiting for notification for more than two months.

According to the notified schedule, the first list of selected children will be posted on March 20, followed by the second list on March 25 and the subsequent admission list, if applicable, on March 27. The entire admission process will end on March 31.

Usually, nursery admissions to about 1,700 schools in the nation’s capital begin the last week of November. The DoE publishes guidelines and schools are invited to provide the required information, after which the application process is launched in December. However, there has been no development on this in 2020.

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Delhi government officials said in December that a proposal to cut nursery admissions was under consideration, as schools were closed for nine months due to COVID-19 and will remain closed until after. a vaccine is available. A full year of online learning for young children does not seem viable, they said. But school principals opposed the idea.

“Since schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and physical classroom learning is not underway for entry classes at this time, schools have been notified not to pay any fees except the prescribed registration fees, admission fees, deposit fees (if the school already tuition fees) and tuition fees, will be charged at the time of admission by the schools and thereafter only tuition fees will be charged to students until further orders.

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“No deviation from the notified schedule will be allowed. Each school must post the admission schedule on its notice board and website. In addition, each school must ensure that application forms are ‘admission are made available to all applicants until the last date of submission of the admission application. form, “said a senior DoE official.

Schools can only charge a non-refundable amount of 25 parents as registration fees and the purchase of the school flyer by parents remains optional.

Schools were asked to communicate their number of seats and their admission criteria by February 15.

The DoE ordered that the number of entry-level seats not be less than the highest number of seats in the entry-level classes over the past three years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 .

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“Schools must develop and adopt admission criteria which must be fair, reasonable, well-defined, equitable, non-discriminatory, unambiguous and transparent.

“No school should adopt the criteria abolished by the department, including the imposition of capitation or donation fees. the main school sees them as a single institution, ”the official said.

A monitoring unit is being set up in each district under the chairmanship of the deputy director (district) concerned, who will ensure that each private school uploads the criteria and their points on the online module and also ensures that the The school does not adopt the criteria which were abolished by the department and confirmed by the Delhi High Court.

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