NVIDIA Unveils Affordable GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops and GeForce RTX 3060 Desktop GPU at CES


CES 2021 is in virtual boom and major players in the lucrative gaming market are showcasing new technology for the coming year. PC graphics giant NVIDIA today unveiled new GeForce RTX 30 Series gaming laptop platform technologies, along with a new GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card that will meet the meat of the market at a Popular mid-range price range of $ 329. Both product offerings are powered by the company’s latest Ampere GPU architecture which is optimized to deliver the latest cutting-edge PC gaming visuals, like ray tracing, as well as NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. which improves visual fidelity while increasing performance dramatically.

GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops Come With Over 70 New Models

In partnership with major laptop manufacturers, NVIDIA today announced new GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060 gaming laptops, starting at $ 999. Along with these new Ampere-based mobile GPUs, NVIDIA is showcasing its 3rd Generation Max-Q power and performance optimization technology that uses AI neural networks to balance the load between the CPU and GPU on a base frame by frame for optimal optimization. performance. AI algorithms also drive GeForce RTX 30-series laptops for NVIDIA’s Whisper 2.0 technology that manages GPU and processor fan speeds, as well as system temperatures, to optimize performance and acoustics. .

These new GeForce RTX 30 series laptops will also support NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 technology like all Ampere GPU-based products, as well as Resizable BAR, which is a technology first introduced by AMD earlier this year, although this is a standard PCI Express feature that has been around for a while. Resizable BAR allows direct access to all of the onboard GPU memory by the CPU, saving costly PCI Express transaction fees and improving gaming performance.

DLSS 2.0 or Deep Learning Super Sampling in particular is a boon for laptop performance. The technology again uses AI algorithms and embedded GeForce RTX Tensor cores to dramatically increase performance at similar power consumption. The technology is particularly useful at 1440p and higher resolutions, where only a fraction of the pixels (at a lower resolution) are needed to render an image in a game engine, while AI algorithms complement the image, maintaining high visual fidelity but dramatically increasing performance. .

Here are the prices and features NVIDIA is highlighting for the GeForce RTX 30 series laptops:

  • “GeForce RTX 3060 Notebooks: deliver 90 fps on the latest games at ultra settings at 1080p. RTX 3060 laptops start at $ 999 and run faster than laptops with NVIDIA’s previous flagship GPU, GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, which typically sell for $ 2,500.
  • GeForce RTX 3070 laptops: a 1440p gaming beast, delivering 90 frames per second with ultra settings at 1440p. RTX 3070 laptops start at $ 1,299 and are 50% faster than those with the RTX 2070.
  • GeForce RTX 3080 laptops: NVIDIA’s new flagship laptop GPU. With up to 16GB of G6 memory, it powers the world’s fastest laptops for gamers and creators. It delivers over 100 frames per second with ultra settings at 1440p. Systems with the RTX 3080 start at $ 1,999.

NVIDIA also claims that more than half of the GeForce RTX 30 series laptops on the market will offer refresh rate displays of 240Hz or higher, for eSports gamers who need lightning-fast responsiveness. However, it’s likely that gamers will need a GeForce RTX 3080 class GPU to achieve such a high frame rate at 1080p. GeForce RTX 30 Series Studio laptops have also been announced, optimized for content creators looking to drive GPU-accelerated video and other high-resolution rendering workloads.

NVIDIA notes that the GeForce RTX 30 series laptops will hit the market starting January 26 from major PC OEMs such as Acer, Dell-Alienware, ASUS, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer. They will also be available from store manufacturers including CyberPower PC, Digital Storm, Falcon NW, Maingear, Origin PC, and XOTIC PC.

GeForce RTX 3060 takes to the skies at $ 329 with 12GB of GDDR6 on board

And of course, not to leave desktop PC gamers to want this CES, NVIDIA today announced a new, lower-cost GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. The cards will be delivered exclusively to the market by NVIDIA’s third-party OEM partners (no Founders Edition cards) and will offer the following performance and specifications:

  • 13 Shader-TFLOP
  • 25 RT-TFLOP for ray tracing
  • 101 Tensor-TFLOP for NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)
  • 192-bit memory interface
  • 12 GB of GDDR6 memory

Like the aforementioned GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops, the new GeForce RTX 3060 desktop cards will support all of NVIDIA’s Ampere GPU architecture, including ray tracing, DLSS, reduction technology NVIDIA Reflex latency and NVIDIA Broadcast video and audio broadcast / production technologies.

NVIDIA also claims that the GeForce RTX 3060 will deliver twice the frame performance and 10 times the ray tracing performance of its previous generation GeForce GTX 1060 card (although GTX cards do not officially support RT in hardware). . The GeForce RTX 3060 is an interesting mix of specs, with around 20% less computing power compared to a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, but with 4GB more GDDR 6 memory on board, albeit on a 192 memory interface. bits narrower (compared to 256 bits for an RTX 3060 Ti).

That extra memory is good value for gamers at this price point actually, and I would expect the RTX 3060 to land somewhere between a GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 in terms of raster performance, but deliver tracing performance. rays stronger than the previous two. RTX 20 series cards. We’ll see, once GPUs hit the market in February.

I would expect the new GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops to have a solid impact in the market this year, as gaming laptops are a growing and popular product segment with a passionate audience. The new GeForce RTX 3060 cards from various third-party partners are also expected to perform well, although this will depend on whether NVIDIA and its partners overcome the currently frustrating shortage issues spurred by intense demand and a new crypto gold rush. extraction.



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