NY Mayor Eric Adams calls for ‘coordination’ with GOP governors, WH over bus migrants


New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for greater “coordination” with the federal government and governments on Sunday. Greg Abbott, R-Texas and Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who busses newly arrived migrants to blue states across the country.

“I traveled to Washington last week, spoke to Sen. [Chuck] Schumer, sen. [Kirsten] Gillibrand and other lawmakers and sat down with the Biden administration to talk about — how do we coordinate?” Adams, a Democrat, told TBEN “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl, referring to the two Democratic senators from New York.

“Their goal is to make sure we have the necessary resources and coordination…These migrants and asylum seekers are not coming to one particular city. They are coming to America. This is an American crisis that we have to face,” Adams said.

His comments come as Abbott sent some 11,000 migrants from Texas to Chicago, New York and Washington in protest of Democrats’ southern border policies, Abbott has said. He recently brought dozens of migrants to the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris — and DeSantis, who espoused a similar strategy, brought migrants to Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard last week, which has been labeled a stunt by many critics.

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Adams, whose city has accepted migrants from Texas, said Sunday that New York had a “moral and legal obligation” to shelter and help people who get there after entering the USBut. migrants, despite the fact that Abbott’s office had initially agreed otherwise.

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“We reached out and stated, ‘Let’s coordinate and work together so we can tackle this crisis together. They refused to do this,’ said Adams, adding, ‘I don’t think it was politically expedient for them to coordinate . It was more to do this, actually showmanship.”

El Paso, Texas Mayor Oscar Leeser who oversees a border town also appeared on “This Week” on Sunday and expressed concern about the number of migrants crossing the southern border. But he said it was important to treat people entering the country humanely — and to see the work as a collaborative effort.

“The people are not coming to El Paso. They are coming to America,” Leeser said.

Mayor Adams, at Karl’s insistence, insisted that New York remain a “holy city” and that the migrants who arrive will be taken care of. (Karl noted that both Abbott and DeSantis declined to appear on “This Week” and discuss immigration.)

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“This city has always been the city of refuge, and we’ve always managed those who wanted to come to New York City to pursue the American dream,” Adams said. But, he said, “We’re not asking people across the country to send people to New York just because they don’t want to take responsibility for helping those pursuing this American dream. That’s not what we’re asking for.”

“Let’s coordinate that way like we’ve done with other major communities in New York City where we can coordinate, get sponsors and work with our non-governmental organizations. That’s what the crisis is asking for,” Adams said. “It takes coordination.”

When asked by Karl whether he intended to accept Abbott’s invitation to visit the border, Adams declined to answer directly and turned to criticizing Abbott’s “political ploy” by sending migrants away.

Mayor Leeser told Karl that the number of migrants coming to El Paso continues to increase, with the city seeing about 2,000 migrants in a single day last week. But he stressed that they would be treated with compassion if transported to their final destination after being processed by government officials.

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“That’s been really important, that we don’t send anyone where they don’t want to go, we make sure we help them,” Leeser said. “We put them on the buses with food and make sure they get to their destination and make sure we always continue to treat people like people.”

Asked by Karl if he was aware of how the Biden administration planned to handle the ongoing migration — as Republican leaders like Abbott insist they feel the White House has no plan — Leeser cited his own strong relationship with Border Patrol. But he said the matter affected more than his city.

For their part, Abbott and DeSantis have argued that Democrat-led states and cities outside the southern border aren’t doing enough amid the high border crossings, with DeSantis warning that flights to Martha’s Vineyard are “just the beginning.”

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