On his two-year anniversary of taking office, Biden delivers the message that will see him reelected


President Biden can talk about policy and performance, but it is faith in and optimism about America that will likely win him a second term.

Video of Biden:

Biden said: “My senior team asked me if there was anything I could do to change attitudes and optimism in America, what would I do if I could change just one thing? It will sound bizarre if I tell you. I said I would cure cancer. They looked at me as if I could cure cancer, because no one thinks. It’s the most terrifying thing for people, and if we did it, America could do great things again. There is nothing beyond our capacity. I swear to God. Nothing beats the capacity of the United States of America. Remember who the hell we are. We are the United States of America.”

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President Biden’s optimism and faith in America has resonated with voters.

Republicans are likely to send an ugly message of negativity as they have to convince Americans to dump a sitting president. If Trump is the GOP nominee, the message will be intensely negative.

Negativity turns voters off.

President Biden, with his sincere and sincere faith in the nation, in addition to being the most successful president in decades, has a message that will make it difficult for Republicans to defeat him in 2024.