On the 23rd, the “Student Empowerment” program is being launched.


The Emirates Foundation for School Education stated that the program to support and empower students who did not achieve a passing score in the end-of-semester exams for the current academic year will start on January 23 and continue until the 27 of the same month, for a period of five intensive days. 3rd of next February. The Foundation confirmed that students enrolled in the program who meet the conditions will be able to pass any subject in which they did not achieve a minimum final score during the exams of the first semester if they were able to successfully perform the central exam after the end of the program period. The Foundation stated that the program to support and empower students who did not achieve a passing score in the exams aims to give them a second chance to achieve the requirements to pass the first semester, and the program also aims to develop the basic skills that students lack, which were identified during the first semester exams.

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As for the target group of the program, they are public school students from the third to the 12th grade. Students in the first and second cycles who obtain a total of less than 50% will be able to join the programme, as well as students in the third cycle who obtain a total of less than 60%.

The time programming for the second semester (the academic calendar) showed that the number of school days in the same semester is 55 days, starting on the second of January and ending on Friday corresponding to March 24, including the time period for the second semester exam, which begins on March 20. , until the 24th of the same month, and is preceded by exams for practical subjects for group (B), from the 13th to the 17th of next March, and the spring break for students begins on the 25th of the same month.

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