One arrested for cocaine, fentanyl


16 Jan. – An Austin man, already charged in a long string of cases, including an alleged drive-by shooting just under two years ago, is back in Mower County Jail.

Terry Izeal Heggs, 39, was arrested on Friday, Jan. 13 after a search warrant was issued at 3401 West Oakland Avenue, which is also home to the Wing Bazaar restaurant.

According to a press release Monday from Austin Police Chief David McKichan, officers from APD, the Mower County Sheriff’s Office, Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team and the South-Central Minnesota Drug Task Force assisted in the investigation that uncovered more than 50 grams of cocaine. brought. is on the property, along with suspected fentanyl.

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“A protected party belonging to Heggs in a DANCO case was also found at the site near Heggs,” McKichan said in the release.

A lawsuit is currently pending with the Mower County Attorney’s Office.

Heggs was also arrested in November last year for the felony failing to register as a predatory offender, along with three gross misdemeanors, including domestic violence violation, no contact order, domestic violence and disrupting an emergency call.

According to the court’s complaint in that case, APD officers were sent to the same address for a 911 call, upon which the dispatcher was able to hear a woman’s arguing and screaming before being disconnected.

When officers made contact, Heggs was arrested and the victim was found with blood on her lip and sweatshirt. The victim told police that during an argument she became frightened due to Heggs’ violent past towards her and that he allegedly kicked and punched the victim in both the stomach and face.

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Heggs already faced jury trial, scheduled for Tuesday, in four separate cases. One such case was the alleged drive-by shooting that took place on August 20, 2021.

Court documents in that case show that police arrested 32-year-old Ryan Christopher Collins on August 20, 2021, at the 400 block of Third Avenue in Austin after a report of two vehicles chasing each other. Collins fled from police in a 2005 Chevrolet Impala that suffered bullet damage. After his arrest, Collins indicated that “Magic” (later identified as Heggs) fired at him from a white Porsche Cayenne. He indicated that Heggs shot him because Heggs believed he had robbed him.

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The Department of Corrections informed police that Heggs was wearing a GPS monitor. Further investigation showed that Heggs’ locations at the time of the shooting were consistent with the information Collins provided.

A review of Heggs’ criminal history reflects a conviction for stalking dating back to February 5, 2018 in Olmsted County and two convictions for failure to register as a predatory offender, again dating back to 2018 in Olmsted County.