Ousted Myanmar ambassador says to UK: reject military envoy


Myanmar Ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn leaves in a car after being kicked out of the embassy.


Myanmar’s ambassador to the UK, who was expelled from his embassy by military officials, on Thursday urged the UK government not to recognize the junta envoy and return him to Myanmar.

In a move that could have implications for Myanmar diplomats around the world, the ambassador was kicked out of his own embassy on Wednesday by his deputy at the behest of the Burmese military which took power in February.

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“The ambassador has been recalled by the Myanmar military regime – since then he has stopped following instructions from the Myanmar Foreign Ministry,” Ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn said through a spokesperson. word.

“We believe the UK government would not support those who work for the military junta and we would also urge the UK government to fire them,” the ambassador said through his spokesperson who read his statement in English.

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In a letter to the British Foreign Office from the Myanmar Embassy seen by Reuters, those controlling the embassy said Deputy Ambassador Chit Win took over as charge d’affaires on the 7th. April. said the letter.

Kyaw Zwar Minn said through his spokesperson that “he is convinced that the British government will continue to demonstrate its rejection of illegal military rule”.

“He tries to walk in the middle ground but there is no doubt which is the good side: the military council killed nearly 600 people including 48 children”, declared the ambassador.

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“We call on the British government to specifically refuse to work with the charge d’affaires Chit Win that the military council has appointed or with any other ambassador they may try to appoint in the future,” the ambassador said.

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