“Overwatch 2” is in the “final stages of production”


It seems more and more likely that Monitoring 2 will arrive next year, and not just the first release the Overwatch League plans to start its 2022 season on. A Blizzard spokesperson said Bloomberg the game “is in the final stages of production”.

MORE TBENBlizzard’s Overwatch 2 release date announced for next spring

This aligns with what we know about the current state of the game and that we’re looking more at character and map redesigns. A recent report by Dexerto has indicated that Blizzard plans to release the sequel next spring. This statement is further proof that we won’t need to wait until the end of 2022 to get our hands on Monitoring 2.

The update comes with less good news for Monitoring. Chacko Sonny, executive producer of Monitoring, leaves Blizzard this Friday, as Bloomberg first reported. Although Sonny has not said why he is leaving, his departure comes as lawsuits and investigations hang over Activision Blizzard amid accusations of harassment and discrimination.

Several other key Blizzard figures have left in recent months, including former Chairman J. Allen Brack and General Counsel Claire Hart. Old Monitoring Game director Jeff Kaplan left earlier this year, before the Activision Blizzard scandal erupted.