Pak Link details emerge after murder of wanted drug traffickers in Bengal


On Wednesday, two wanted gangsters were shot dead in Calcutta.


After two wanted drug traffickers from Punjab were gunned down in Calcutta during a meeting, details emerged of their connection to Pakistan.

Jaipal Singh Bhullar and Jaspreet Singh were missing after allegedly killing two police officers in Ludhiana, Punjab, about a month ago.

They were gunned down at an apartment complex in Calcutta’s Newtown neighborhood on Wednesday when they shot Special Intervention Force officials in a raid on an apartment they were locked in, the said. Director General of the Punjab Police, Dinkar Gupta.

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Officials said they had come to Kolkata from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh in a car registered in Bengal.

Special Task Force chief VK Goyal said on Wednesday that an inspector was injured in the shooting and was hospitalized. “Rs 7 lakh in cash, five weapons and 89 live bullets were seized,” he said.

“According to the (available) information, Jaipal had been on the run since 2014 and during all those years he had committed numerous heinous crimes and was wanted in more than 25 sensational criminal cases. He was involved in drug trafficking from there. ‘across the border in close collaboration with the main drug traffickers based in Pakistan,’ said an official statement.

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Investigators found weapons made in Pakistan, the PTI news agency reported. A search was also launched for the person who rented the Kolkata apartment and allowed the two thugs to stay there, according to the PTI news agency.

Police identified the owner of the apartment, where the two men were shot dead by the STF. He resides in the Entally region in central Kolkata, the officer said.

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The initial investigation revealed that the apartment owner’s phone number was taken from a website and that “false documents” were used to put the apartment up for rent, a PTI official said.

“Efforts are underway to find the missing link between the owner of the apartment and the two thugs,” the officer said.

The murder of Jaipal Bhullar and Jaspreet Singh and the arrest of two of his associates from Gwalior is a blow to the heroin smuggling ring operating across the border, police said.

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