Palestine welcomes the ICJ’s receipt of the request to assess the Israeli occupation


Palestine on Saturday welcomed an announcement from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) about the receipt of a request from the UN to issue an advisory opinion on the legality of the Israeli occupation and its impact on the Palestinian people. Anadolu Agency.

In a statement, the State Department said it had received an official letter from the ICJ Registrar, Philippe Gautier, informing Ramallah that it had “officially received the reference of General Assembly Resolution No. (247/77) of the United Nations asking for an opinion from ICJ “on the nature of the decades-long Israeli occupation.

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The ministry called on all countries to submit to the ICJ their “legal statements” on the legality of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

On Friday, the ICJ acknowledged receipt of a request from the UN General Assembly to issue an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

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The announcement came after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on Dec. 31 seeking the opinion of the International Court of Justice on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

Following the move, Israel announced a package of sanctions against the Palestinian Authority on January 6, including withholding millions of dollars from its tax revenues, halting construction activities in the West Bank, and revoking VIP cards from some government officials.

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