Pantone’s Color of the Year is Here: Check Out Our Picks for Your Best La Viva Magenta Life in 2023


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When Pantone announced the Color of the Year 2023 (viva magenta), a few things vividly came to mind: 1) Blue of Blue clues quirky and artsy friend Magenta (whom I adored) 2) the iconic OG Motorola flip-phone Razr from my childhood (and frankly, adult Kelsey’s) dreams, and 3) the song Live La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, currently playing on a continuous loop in my currently clear-magenta-frozen mind.

So, welcome to this curated list of some of the best items to explore by theme with this dazzling mauve shade of crimson (and slight variations to suit every taste!). Prepare to go “upside down, inside out,” the Pantone coined Magentavers.

The moment I got a silk pillowcase, my hair took a breath of fresh air. I literally heard my curls whisper “thank you” to me in a sigh of relieved pain as I said goodbye to my cotton bag. (It’s possible I’ve also heard things about the subpar amount of sleep I got when I didn’t have a comfortable, cooling silk pillowcase as my hair’s No. 1 companion.) Anyway, I digress. Now my hair and I are finally getting some much needed rest and relaxation. There are multiple reasons why Slip’s anti-aging and anti-pillowcases are top quality – literally like sleeping on a cloud elevenif there is, so I just had to include it.

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In honor of Pantone’s Color of the Year, go for the color “Peony” or “Ultra Violet” – whichever screams the most viva magenta to you.

Cariuma Pantone Viva magenta sneakers

We’re walking on clouds in style with these sneakers from ethical footwear brand Cariuma’s collaboration with none other than Pantone itself. Available in six styles, with both white and magenta canvas options, the brand describes the color of the year 2023 as “vibrancy and rebellious spirit”. Cariuma has also vowed to plant two trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair of sustainable shoes ordered.

Skim’s soft lounge dress

Reduced from $78

It’s the year 3000, and that one enthusiastic red-haired girl from The Daily Beast is still raving about Ohza’s canned sangria (it’s me. Hello). Not much has changed; I am still under the spell of this intoxicating drink. Few things have hit my taste buds quite so sweetly (even though these are surprisingly low in sugar). Read my full opinion here.

Quince cashmere sweater with round neck

I recently included this sweater in my top TikTok celebrity products of 2022, and I love its clean, sophisticated design so much I have to include it here (in case you didn’t get the memo: it’s awesome).

Horti Piper Crocatum Pink Plant

I live for this mauve-veined Piper Crocatum plant from Horti, and you could live (and water) for it, too. If you don’t have one yet, test your green (and pink?) thumb this year. Also, as someone with a cat that likes to bite everything (he’s 15 in human years, but I feel like he’s in a bit of a terrible two-stage), I was more than excited to learn about Horti’s pet-friendly (with some pretty -in-pink) options, which you can view here.

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Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

Whenever there’s an excuse for me to bring this lipstick into the conversation, I’m going to. Part of me wonders if Pantone was inspired by the craze for this cult-classic lip product that basically always sells out when choosing viva magenta as this year’s color. People are completely and rightfully obsessed with this product, including myself and scouted contributor Jennifer Panella. (See her full review here.) While the shade doesn’t look magenta in the tube, it leaves a magenta-adjacent berry kiss that is buildable and universally flattering when you apply the semi-sheet formula to your lips.

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