PAP invites the public to commit to supporting women in the new #ActionForHer initiative


In an interview after the conference, PAP women’s wing president Joséphine Teo said the #ActionForHer movement is complementary to what the group hopes will be the government’s next move.

“The government promised … that in early 2022 it would publish a white paper that would consolidate all the recommendations that have been put forward … Of course, we hope the government can accept some of the recommendations that we have made. and implement them, ”she said.

“We have started this movement to complement what we hope the government will do. It is not about replacing government action, but it is not up to the government either. We believe that to help women take the next step, apart from what government can do, the rest of society must also be actively participatory, ”she added.

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Ms. Teo also responded to a question about specific initiatives for women seen as potentially divisive. She said that within the PAP itself, support for the Women’s Wing’s efforts has come from both women and men, many of whom appeared in the #ActionForHer campaign video or submitted their pledges.

Beyond that, Ms Teo said the Women’s Wing is “cautious” about how it approaches the issues it wishes to address, citing her recommendation for better financial support for caregivers, which features largely in the joint recommendation document.

“We recognize that men are also quite often caregivers and so in terms of the support we hope the government will give to caregivers, it is gender-neutral. It doesn’t matter whether the caregiver is a woman or a man. level of support should be increased and we believe the level of support should be the same, ”she said.

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More than 500 prominent women leaders, personalities and activists attended the conference on Saturday.

The conference was organized along three “tracks”: changing mentalities, leaning forward and taking action. It hosted speakers including Ms. Teo, retired MP Ho Geok Choo, Olympic rower and nurse Joan Poh, former MP and media entrepreneur Eunice Olsen, Dr. Filza Aslam, Johnson Medical Sciences Liaison & Johnson, as well as the famous harpist and music therapist Fontane Liang.

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The #ActionForHer campaign runs until March 8, 2022.