Parolee arrested Thursday night after stalemate in Petaluma parking lot


PETALUMA – A 36-year-old Santa Rosa probationer was arrested Thursday night on several charges after a confrontation with police in Petaluma, where he pursued and assaulted a woman who had been subject to a restraining order.

A Petaluma Police Department spokesman said the incident began at about 6 p.m. in the Plaza South Shopping Center when police received a 911 call from a business at the mall with the woman screaming for help. The police learned from the woman that a man had chased her into the store. The victim used the store’s cell phone to call the police. During the incident, police said the suspect took the woman’s phone and assaulted her.

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The woman then reached 911 on her personal cell phone and told police she could lock herself in a room. The suspect ran out of the store to his pickup truck.

A Petaluma police officer, who was nearby, saw the suspect leave in his truck and then tried to hide by parking next to the victim’s vehicle. Officers surrounded the suspect’s truck with their patrol cars to prevent him from escaping.

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The suspect opened his door and appeared to surrender as he jumped back inside and tried to flee. Officers got him out of the truck. After arguing with officers, the suspect was apprehended with a taser and arrested.

Police identified the suspect as Daniel Rauer, 36, from Santa Rosa. He was incarcerated in the Sonoma County Jail on numerous charges, including violating parole, domestic violence, violating a restraining order, theft, false imprisonment, hindering an officer, and forcibly resisting an officer.

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