Part of the old Ulu Pandan camp is reserved for sports use, site open to tender


SINGAPORE: Part of a site that housed the former Ulu Pandan camp has been set aside for sports use, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Sport Singapore (SportSG) said.

On Wednesday, April 7, the two agencies announced the opening of a joint tender for state property at 102 Ulu Pandan Road as part of the first such collaboration between SLA and SportSG.

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“As part of the sports facilities master plan, SportSG aims to introduce new quality and affordable sports facilities so that residents can live an active life within reach of their homes,” the agencies said in a press release.

“This joint call for tenders serves as a pilot to assess the response and the launch of new state sports real estate sites,” they added.

Part of the former Ulu Pandan camp site has been set aside for sports for area residents and the general public, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Sport Singapore (SportSG) said on April 7, 2021 (pictured) . : Singapore Land Authority and Sport Singapore).

The site, covering an area of ​​44,643 m², was originally part of the former Ulu Pandan camp. The site was last rented to Garden City Management for use in the hostel from February 2017 through November last year, SLA and SportSG said. The site is across from the Pandan Valley Condominium.

SLA reorganized the site into two facilities – one for hostels and another for sports, and provided dedicated road access to each, the agencies added.

The sports facilities site is now open for tenders and ALC will launch the site for hostel use later this year.

SLA and SportSG will assess bidders on how their proposals can “significantly transform and activate the space for social integration and community bonding through sport”.



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