Paul Heyman on Undertaker’s Legacy: “A Career Rich in History, Possibly the Greatest Career in WWE History” | TBEN


Paul Heyman has always been a huge fan of The Undertaker due to its history stretching back decades, including when they both worked at WCW.

Brock Lesnar’s attorney, currently associated with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, has spoken to TalkSport to promote Sunday’s pay-per-view event in the WWE Survivor series.

During this time, he was asked about the legacy of WWE’s future Hall of Famer.

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“The legacy of The Undertaker for me is the fact that for 30 years, at a level few could reach, The Undertaker has over-delivered with every performance he brought fourth to the WWE Universe,” he said. Heyman said. “A career steeped in history, perhaps the greatest career in WWE history.”

Heyman went on to note that no part of it is as compelling as the behind-the-scenes character as the man who never complained about suffering from the pain or made it public. Heyman thinks he understood that it was the sacrifice that was required for a man of this size to achieve these performances.

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Heyman also spoke about the future of Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, etc. The full interview can be found here.


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