PayCM: Congress online campaign focuses on Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai


Several posters and screenshots were allegedly distributed by Congress as part of the PayCM campaign targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Karnataka with corruption charges. Image Courtesy of PTI

Bengaluru: A new round of the so-called ‘PayCM’ social media campaign regarding various possible scams allegedly taking place under Basvaraj Bommai’s prime ministership in Karnataka has begun.

The posters and screenshots are said to have been distributed by the congress party targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state on corruption charges.

After ‘PayCM’ posters were plastered on walls in some parts of the state capital of Bengaluru, Congress has now released a series of ‘PayCM’ screenshots that speak of various scams, including the Cash for CM post, the infamous 40 committee. percent, PSI scam, assistant professor and junior engineers recruitment scam etc.

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The PayCM posters show payments received through an online transfer platform with the reasons behind the payments listed in the transaction description box.

One of the posters states that Rs 30 lakh has been received for the position of ‘Junior Engineer’ while another says 40 percent has been received with the description ‘Contractors’. Another said ‘Payment failed’ for CM post with transaction value worth Rs 2,500 crore written on it.

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In addition to campaigning against the ruling BJP, the Karnataka Congress has targeted BJP ministers who were allegedly part of the scam. Congress leaders and staff display the ‘PayCM’ QR code from their phones.

The first such PayCM campaign was first reported on Wednesday when posters featuring Basavaraj Bommai’s photo surfaced in Bengaluru. The posters had a QR code with Bommai’s photo in the center with the message ’40 percent accepted here’.

The QR code would take people to the “40 percent Commission Government” website recently launched by Congress to file complaints against the Prime Minister.

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Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai slams Congress

Bommai slammed this campaign by Congress, calling it a conspiracy earlier this week to tarnish both his reputation and that of Karnataka.

“This is a systematic campaign to tarnish not only the image of the state, but also mine. Instructions have been given to the relevant authorities to book a case immediately. The government will make efforts to end all attempts to tarnish Karnataka’s image,” Bommai told reporters.

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