PCB chairman declares demand if Indian government fails to do so for T20 World Cup


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani has said he will demand the transfer of the T20 World Cup to the United Arab Emirates if India does not give written assurances on visas for each stakeholder. Last year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that the 2020 ICC Men`s T20 World Cup, which had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held in Australia in 2022 while the India will host the ICC Men`s T20 World Cup 2021 as scheduled.

“Our government never told us that we couldn’t play (in India). We agreed with the ICC that we were going to participate and we can’t go against that. At the ICC level, I made it clear that we need written assurance from Indian government that not only visas for our team and team, we also need visas for fans, journalists and board officials, but all of that is also written in the ICC host agreement and according to that we put our request, ”Mr. Mani said, quoted by The Bharat Express News.

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“The ICC has also been a little cowardly about this as they told us it would be done by December 31, 2020, but it did not happen. I raised the issue again in January and February directly with the ICC President, then spoke to ICC management and told them I needed a clear decision from here. March. They say that by the end of March. If that does not come, I will demand the transfer of the event from India to the United Arab Emirates ”, he added.

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Mani said the ICC has backup plans and if India does not host the tournament, it will be held at a different location. “It has already been decided that if India cannot host the event, it will be transferred to UAE. Legally and constitutionally, we have the right to participate in the tournament and no one can remove us from the tournament and the president of the tournament. ‘ICC realizes this,’ he said.

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“Unfortunately, it is not healthy that cricket in India is linked to politics. On a personal level I have no problem with Sourav Ganguly and he is quite open about it, he wants to host the tournament in India. and I don’t have problems with it too if it can convince all stakeholders. But ICC has backup plans and if (India) can’t do it it will be held in another place »Mani added.



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