Pellets, chips, logs: firewood is now getting expensive


Pellets, chips, logs: now firewood is also getting expensive

The prospect of an energy crisis in winter makes wood a desirable fuel. Prices are already rising. Those affected should replenish their stocks as quickly as possible. The “toilet paper effect” threatens.

“Toilet paper effect”: Many households plan to heat more with wood in winter.

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If you still want to buy firewood for this winter, you shouldn’t wait too long. The prices have already risen by 10 percent this year, and the wood could become even more expensive in the fall, says Florian Landolt from the Association of Forest Owners. He speaks of a “toilet paper effect”: According to Landolt, forest owners reported increased inquiries for large orders of up to 15 star logs for the winter. “These are people who intend to only heat with wood all winter.”