Perfect care awaits you at Sandals resorts


How much I love and recommend Sandals resorts? Let me count the ways. For the past 40 years, Sandals Resorts has brought two lovers the most romantic ‘luxury included’ vacation experience in the Caribbean through its 15 stunning beachfront locations in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada and a new 16e location in Curacao in April 2022. Celebrating 40 years as one of the world’s leading all-inclusive resort companies, Sandals offers more quality inclusions than any other on the planet. These include the exclusive Sandals Resorts suites, including Love Nest Butler Suites, for ultimate privacy and service; butlers trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers; the red lane spa; Global 5-star gourmet catering, guaranteeing premium alcoholic beverages, premium wines and specialty gourmet restaurants; Aquatic centers with PADI certification and expert training; Fast Wi-Fi from the beach to the room; and customizable wedding sandals. For couples who desire a beach destination where they can cocoon in comfort and luxury, Sandals has my vote. And believe me, once you visit an all-inclusive resort like Sandals, you’ll never go back to booking a simple hotel room where you’re spot on for everything. One of my favorite perks at Sandals? You can easily have your main course in a restaurant and then just switch restaurants if you want a specific, decadent dessert! This is exactly what we did the other night at Sandals Grande St. Lucian – we had a fabulous seafood dinner at Gordon’s, then went to the London Pub for a chocolate bread pudding. Yum is the word!

One thing that continually impresses me at Sandals is the time, care and attention they want to offer their customers. Here, for example, is an excerpt from the welcome letter that was in our guest room, which, of course, was mostly. It’s available to all guests, not just us!

If you prefer breakfast in bed, we will have it prepared and served.

Need to see the island and enjoy the best tour ever? We will organize it for you.

If you want your suitcase to be unpacked, we will unpack it for you.

If you desire photographic memories of your vacation, we will be happy to have the in-house photographer capture these incredible memories for you.

Want to receive your afternoon cocktail at 4 p.m. each afternoon? He will be there for you.

If you want a table in our specialty restaurant, we will prepare it and wait for you.

If you prefer a romantic dinner on your terrace, we will organize it for you.

If you want to be pampered in our Red Lane Spa, we will make your reservations for you.

Need help folding your clothes for packaging? We will do it for you.

Our butlers were always on hand to do whatever they could to give us personalized service beyond the best.

And I need to tell you about Pamela. If I had to choose ONE REASON why I would return to Sandals Grande St. Lucian, it would be Pamela, the manager of Gordon’s Restaurant. She was chatty, professional, welcoming – and another important thing that is so rare to find – genuine – as she looked after us at Gordon’s and asked questions about ourselves. I can’t even express enough words to describe how thoughtful her conversation was and how much she wanted to make us happy at dinner. She was so hot I just had to hug her – but with my mask on, of course!

And when you factor in all of the Sandals Foundation’s philanthropic work around the world and the local communities it serves, it’s a win-win for everyone, at every level.

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