Philadelphia hit man admitted six dead, authorities say


A Philadelphia hit man confessed to killing six people over three years, four of whom he shot on orders from a drug trafficker, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Ernest Pressley, 42, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit contract murder, four charges of using interstate trade facilities to commit contract murder and other crimes, the US Attorney’s Office for Eastern Pennsylvania said in a press release.

Pressley also admitted to attempting to murder a woman four years ago, the release said.

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Indictment documents and court files describing the crimes were made public on Wednesday. Pressley’s plea of ​​guilty and conviction carries a mandatory life sentence, the release said.

“By his own admission, Ernest Pressley is an incredibly dangerous person who has no qualms about accepting money to murder someone calculated and cold-blooded,” US attorney Jacqueline Romero said in a statement.

Pressley carried out the murders from 2016 to 2018. He was arrested on September 7, 2018, six days after he fatally shot a person identified only as SS in the release in a parking lot at a Philadelphia apartment complex, authorities said.

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Pressley later admitted to killing two tow truck drivers in January 2017. He shot and killed one of them, identified as KF, to prevent the person from testifying as a witness in an assault trial, the release said.

He shot the other driver, identified as ER, after randomly selecting the victim to make it look like the murder was related to a feud between two trucking companies, the release said.

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Pressley admitted to killing a man working on a car in a garage the same month.

In 2016, Pressley fatally shot another man sitting on a porch and, two years later, provided the location of a person wanted dead by a drug trafficker in Philadelphia, the release said. That information led to the misidentified murder of a person identified as YH, the release said.

Pressley’s attorney was not immediately available for comment.

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