Physician’s medical license terminated after another physician from the same rebound control


CHICAGO (TBEN) – Two doctors of the same name are now part of a medical confusion which causes a nightmare for one of them. The state of Illinois apologized on Thursday, but Dr Brian Yu had been trying to fix the issue for weeks since the state sent him to collections for a bad check he didn’t. never wrote.

“I work in Texas, and yes I apparently have the same name as this infectious disease doctor from Illinois who seems to think, or the government thinks, that we are interchangeable,” Yu said.

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Yu lives in east Texas, but worked in Illinois, so he had a medical license in Illinois, but on March 19, he learned that she had been “terminated due to insufficient funds”, leaving a black mark of his medical history that would-be employers be able to see.

Confused, he spent hours trying to contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which oversees the state’s medical licensing.

“All they told me was, apparently, I’m a doctor who works for an infectious disease firm in Illinois, and I wrote the bad check,” said Yu.

There is a Dr. Brian Yu who works in a practice in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, but the $ 23 debt has been attributed to the medical license of Dr. Brian Yu of Texas. And despite a phone call after a phone call, he says he was told to just “pay the bill.”

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Yu says it’s not about the money.

“It makes me wonder how many other people are going through this situation when they are just paying for this for these people to get rid of their backs,” he said.

TBEN 2 contacted the IDFPR on Thursday, and they corrected the error. A spokesperson said they were “working to ensure that this problem does not happen again.”

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But Dr Yu is upset that it was also necessary to contact the chairman of the healthcare licensing committee and a reporter for clarification.

“I just want everything fixed, you know?” he said.

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TBEN 2 has contacted Brian Yu’s “real” medical practice for comment. There was no response Thursday at 6 p.m.



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