Pizzas you will never find in Italy


Every time I go to the supermarket, I am amazed to see the always empty flour and yeast shelves. When COVID hit, many Italian families started making their own bread and pizza. And they still do. Even now that the pizzerias are open again until a certain time in the evening and take out is still allowed, grannies and housewives continue to bake delicious pizzas in their oven. My mom sticks to the simple Margherita, adding anchovies for my dad, but that’s all she goes. Italians aren’t really adventurous pizza eaters. They usually just add porcini, ham, olives, capers, chili, potatoes, clams, onions and baby artichokes. It’s as creative as it gets. It’s a bit like pasta: we add a lot of ingredients, but nothing totally offbeat. There are pizzas that you will never find in Italy. The exotic Hawaiian-style pineapple pizza is a no-no. Fruit and pizza don’t really match – forget the strawberry and banana pizza, too – although you might be able to find a regular white pizza with dried figs on top, usually served as take-out slices from food stalls. pizza. A few pizzerias have tried making kiwi pizzas but that doesn’t really make an Italian drool, quite the contrary. Chicken pizza is another no-no when the so-called “ pepperoni pizza ” doesn’t exist. Well, at least not with that name. The first time I tried it was in Moscow and I almost felt sick. I was a little girl away from home and it was the closest thing to a real pizza I could have wished for. But it wouldn’t go down my pipe. If you ask a waiter at a pizza restaurant in Italy for a pepperoni pizza, he will look at you in a funny way. Prepare for culture shock. You will be served a plain white pizza covered with peppers. Yes, “peperoni” (with a “p”) is the Italian term for “capsicum”. But if you order pizza with spicy sausage or spicy salami, you might be able to eat something that looks like the stereotypical pepperoni pizza. However, there is a sweet and savory whacky concoction that might stray a bit from tradition, but it’s delicious and perfectly blends two iconic Made-in-Italy products: Nutella Pizza. It’s a slice of regular white pizza cut like a sandwich with an overflowing Nutella spread inside. The next time you are in Italy, it is well worth tasting.



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