PM Modi’s direct flight to Washington while the stopover in Frankfurt becomes a past


Breaking with more than a decade of practice, an Indian Prime Minister does not stop in Frankfurt on his way to the United States. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plane, Air India One, does not stop in Frankfurt, as it has in the past, as it reaches the United States for the Quad Summit in Washington and the speech of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The main reason for this development is the new capabilities of the Air India One. Air India one, the VVIP planes used to transport the President, Vice President and PMs arrived from the United States last year in October. State-of-the-art planes cost over Rs 4,500 crore. The aircraft has the ability to travel long distances without refueling, which has been seen in the past.

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His plane left Delhi on Wednesday and used Pakistani airspace. Pakistani Prime Minister Khan had previously used the airspace over India’s Exclusive Economic Zone during a visit to Sri Lanka.

This is the second time that the new Air India has flown PM Modi. The last visit was to Bangladesh in March this year, a short visit. In the past, the planes of the Indian Prime Ministers have called in Frankfurt, Germany on a regular basis. Prime Minister Modi’s last visit to the United States was in 2019, which is remembered mainly because of the mega diaspora – Howdy Modi event in Houston. During this visit also, Prime Minister Modi’s plane stopped in Frankfurt.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s plane also made regular stops in Frankfurt, providing a much needed break from the long trip. It takes over 12 hours to reach the United States.

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