PM’s Farmer Outreach focuses on West UP as it opens Noida Airport


New Delhi:

With the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections months away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to farmers and voters in the western part of the state today as he laid the foundation stone for Noida International Airport near Jewar in Gautam Buddh Nagar.

Making his first public appearance in western UP since announcing the three farm laws would be repealed, the prime minister highlighted the benefits to farmers of the airport and the extensive road and road projects. infrastructure built in the region by the government of his party.

“Farmers in the region will be able to export their vegetables, fruits and products directly to the world,” Prime Minister Modi told a crowd of thousands from a platform surrounded, for the most part, by acres of villages, small towns and farms.

“There are many industrial zones like Aligarh, Mathura, Meerut, Agra, Bijnor, Moradabad and Bareilly … but western Uttar Pradesh also has a significant share in the agricultural sector. From now on, the potency of these areas will also increase a lot, “he said.

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“Thousands of job opportunities are created during the construction of the airport. This airport will also provide new jobs to thousands of people in western UP,” added the Prime Minister.

Chief Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said he expected to expect Rs 35,000 crore in investment and more than a lakh in employment opportunities once the airport is fully booked. built.

“Projects worth several thousand crores are underway in the west of the UP. Whether they are rapid rail corridors, highways, subways, dedicated freight corridors connecting the seas. Eastern and Western … The Prime Minister said, as he dealt an opportunistic blow to the “old governments” which had neglected to meet the infrastructure needs of the UP west.

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Farmers across the country have been protesting for nearly 15 months against three laws they say will leave them at the mercy of businesses and deprive them of a price guarantee program.

Many are from the west of the UP, and the opposition has questioned the timing of the center’s decision.

The BJP government has taken several hits in UP, especially because of these protests.

Four farmers crushed in Lakhimpur Kheri last week, allegedly by a convoy led by the son of the young Union interior minister, did not help them. Neither the skyrocketing prices of fuel and vegetables, crimes against women and the state’s handling of the Covid pandemic.

Meanwhile, as Prime Minister Modi touted Noida Airport and its virtues, in Lucknow, his main rival in the state – party leader Samajwadi Akhilesh Yadav – took part in a political rally.

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Mr. Yadav quietly assembled an alliance of regional parties to confront the ruling BJP.

He is generally expected to team up with Jayant Chaudhary’s Rashtriya Lok Dal, who has a major presence in western UP – where farmers’ votes may well be the key to determining the fortunes of the UP. BJP, both in the region and in the state, and possibly even in the general election of 2024.

Earlier this month, Yadav told The Bharat Express News he envisioned a “pinch movement” – angry farmers in the eastern UP and regional parties in the west – wiping out the BJP in Uttar Pradesh.

It remains to be seen how effective Yadav’s plans in this regard will be, especially given the BJP’s vast resources and its ability to turn political rhetoric in its favor.



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