‘Pokemon GO’: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere for a while


In the absence of national leadership, we look to Pokemon GO. It’s been a crazy year for video games overall, but maybe none have had to adapt as much as a game entirely based on going out and meeting people, two things that have become impossible, difficult or simply not recommended depending on the degree in your country. lock. Developer Niantic released a slew of changes in early spring designed to make the game easier to play while sitting at home, and some of these were postponed in September as lockdowns began to roll. fade. Obviously, the narrative has changed.

Pokemon GO just announced that it will reactivate some of its lockdown homes, given that we are now sitting deep in the weeds of the brutal second wave of COVID-19. While some never left, some are reactivated: Incense is becoming more and more effective again, providing players with a better way to catch many creatures in the house. And your Pokémon buddy will now bring you more gifts: 5 at a time, up to three times a day. Niantic also says we’ll be getting other bonuses in upcoming events:

  • Reducing the distance from the incubator
  • Commercial distance increases
  • 1 lot of PokéCoin

In a grim reminder of where we are now, these bonuses will be in place “at a minimum” until June 2021. I’m optimistic things could really improve by then, but Niantic has it all. is right to recognize that vaccine distribution – which is our clearest solution – will take some time.

This is really an interesting problem for the developer. On the one hand, you want to be as flexible as possible to make sure people can play this game while on lockdown in any way they can. On the other hand, it’s certainly possible to play the game safely, even in a way that resembles the way we played in the previous time: walking around, with a mask, outdoors, socially. left behind or alone. For example, the developer chose not to bring back the incubator distance reduction as a standard locking bonus, which I think makes sense.


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