Pokémon Go Mega Bug Out Event: Catch Mega Scizor


The pokemon go The Bug Out event is back, bringing the newly announced Mega Scizor and new challenging Mega Raids to the mobile game again. That means it’s time to ditch your bug nets and get to work on earning your Bug Catcher Medal.

Developer Niantic took to the official Pokémon Go blog to announce the event’s return for 2022. Players can look forward to a variety of bonus content, rewards, raids and more Pokémon to catch as they explore the real world and catch monsters on their phones.

In addition to completing the Bug Out Event Challenges, players around the world can unlock additional bonuses for both the current bug-centric event and the upcoming Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day by participating in Global Challenges during Pokémon Go Fest: Sapporo.

Mega Scizor is undoubtedly the Pokémon in the spotlight at this event as it makes its Pokémon Go debut for 2022. If you want to participate in Pokemon Go Bug Out and learn how to catch Mega Scizor, here’s how.

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Mega Scizor makes his Pokémon Go debut as Mega Raid Boss with the 2022 Bug Out event.

pokemon go Bug Out: What is Mega Scizor?

Scizor is the Gen 2 evolution of Gen 1’s Scyther. It’s bright red and black with accents of white compared to Scyther’s all-green body, and it appears to have a hard, almost metal body with two arms with separate pincers on each. It is a Bug-type and Steel-type hybrid with a Bug-type Mega Evolution. It has a soft spot for Fire-type Pokémon, but it has a wealth of fantastic moves that make it a formidable opponent unless the Trainers you face take out the Fire Pokémon.

pokemon go Bug Out: How to Catch Mega Scizor

To catch Mega Scizor in the Pokémon Go Bug Out event, you must participate in a Mega Raid. Mega Raids are unique battles where Trainers work together to defeat a single Raid Boss. In this case, Mega Scizor is the Raid Boss you need to take out.

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To participate in a Mega Raid where you face Mega Scizor, you need to find a location on the Pokémon Go map where Mega Scizor is available as a Mega Raid Boss. You can use the Nearby feature to locate Raids around you, or accept a Raid invite from a friend. This allows you to participate regardless of your location.

You have to join the battle just like any other Raid Battle by selecting the location and joining the battle. You can’t do it alone and fight with other participants. You can choose how you want to join: tap Battle to automatically match with other players. Choose “Join Private” to join a group of friends.

You need a Raid Pass to access the Raid. These can be bought or earned, but make sure you have one of many types: Raid Pass, Premium Battle Pass, Remote Raid Pass, and EX Raid Pass.

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Once you’ve joined the Raid, choose six Pokémon to fight with. The battle lasts 45 minutes as you and several other Trainers work together to defeat the Mega Scizor. If the Mega Raid Boss isn’t defeated at the end, you can join in and try again, but you’ll need a new Raid Pass for this.

If you are successful, you will earn special items such as Rare Candy or Golden Razz Berries. You also get the chance to catch the Pokémon in question. You may only use Premier Balls to capture the Mega Raid Boss, so use them wisely before the defeated Mega Scizor flees.

If you continue to search for Mega Raids where Mega Scizor appears, you may be lucky enough to find a Shiny Mega Scizor. If that happens, you’ll get a special, ultra-rare Mega Scizor, so be sure to give every fight your fullest.

Once you’ve added Mega Scizor to your team, make sure to complete the rest of the challenges the pokemon go Bug Out event will appear.


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