Poland says missile strike was ‘unfortunate accident’ – watch live


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Poland’s president has said a rocket blast that killed two people near the border with Ukraine appears to be an “accidental accident”, not a “deliberate attack”.

It comes after the Kremlin accused some Western countries of reacting “hysterically” to the missile strike, but said the United States had exercised restraint.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said several countries have made “unfounded statements” about Russia’s involvement “without having any idea what happened”.

“We witnessed yet another hysterical, frenzied Russophobic reaction, which was not based on any real data,” Peskov told reporters.

“Such a frenzied response shows that there is never any need for hasty judgment, with statements that can escalate the situation. Especially at such crucial moments,” he said.

However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the only reason for the strike was Vladimir Putin’s war.

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Speaking at a press conference in Bali today, Mr Sunak said: “We all need to be clear. None of this would have happened if Russia had not invaded Ukraine.


Stoltenberg says the war in Ukraine will “most likely” end at the negotiating table

He told the press conference that all negotiations “will be linked to the strength of the battle” and that the best way NATO allies can maximize the chance for peace is to “support Ukrainians on the battlefield”.

He said that if Ukraine stops fighting, it will no longer exist as a sovereign nation, but if Russia stops fighting, the war will end.

Stoltenberg also described NATO’s response to a missile that hit Poland on Tuesday as “cautious and responsible”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has spoken about the war in Ukraine

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“We coordinated our responses,” he said, adding that allied nations had worked together to establish “the best possible picture of what was happening.”

“It’s about calm and avoiding unnecessary escalation,” he said.

Mr Stoltenberg continued to comment on the incident in Poland on Tuesday, saying: “Of course we were concerned when we got the reports yesterday, and we were particularly saddened by the fact that there were two casualties.

“But at the same time, we monitor, we monitor very closely, and so we are prepared to deal with this kind of situation decisively, calmly and resolutely, but also in a way that prevents further escalation.”

Lucy SkoudingNov 16, 2022 12:51 PM


Ukraine is not evacuating cities

Ukrainian officials have said they will not evacuate cities despite yesterday’s rocket attacks.

Russia launched a wave of rocket attacks on energy infrastructure on Tuesday, leaving millions without power.

But deputy head of the presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, said Ukraine would focus on stabilizing the power grid. Tymoshenko said significant progress had already been made.

Lucy SkoudingNov 16, 2022 1:25 PM


Russia ‘bears responsibility’ for Polish missile, Stoltenberg said

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that while the missile that killed two people in Poland yesterday “most likely” came from Ukraine’s air defenses, it was “not Ukraine’s fault”.

Mr Stoltenberg said: “Russia bears responsibility for what happened in Poland yesterday, as it is a direct result of Russia’s ongoing war and wave of attacks against Ukraine yesterday.

“NATO prepares for these kinds of accidents to prevent them from happening, and if they do, to make sure they don’t get out of hand.”

Lucy SkoudingNov 16, 2022 12:29 PM


Ukraine is rushing to restore power after the barrage of Russian missiles

Power was fully restored on Wednesday in seven Ukrainian regions, including in the capital Kyiv, less than 24 hours after a Russian missile fire on energy infrastructure across the country.

Electricity restoration work was also underway in seven other regions, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, said.

He wrote on the Telegram messaging app that emergency outages were still possible, and national grid operator Ukrenergo said it was rolling out planned outages across the country as repair work continued “24 hours a day.”

“Please prepare for extended times of limited power supply: stock up on water and charge your devices and power banks ahead of time to keep in touch with those close to you,” it said in a statement.

Ukrainian officials said Tuesday’s missile attack was the largest since Russia’s full-scale invasion on February 24. Russian forces have been increasingly targeting energy infrastructure in recent weeks, with up to 40 percent of it seriously damaged, President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Oleksandr Kharchenko, director of the Kiev Energy Industry Research Center, said Tuesday’s attacks left about 12 million Ukrainians without power, but the vast majority had already been supplied with electricity.

Kharchenko estimated that it would take five to six weeks for Ukraine’s power grid to be repaired well enough for most customers to experience minimal, if any, interruptions.

“But this is only assuming there are no further attacks,” he told a briefing.

Maryam Zakir-HusseinNov 16, 2022 11:59 AM


NATO chief holds press conference

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has said there is no indication that the missile strike in Poland was a deliberate attack by Russia.

But he told a press conference that the incident shows that the war in Ukraine continues to create dangerous situations.

“This is not Ukraine’s fault. Russia bears the ultimate responsibility in continuing its illegal war against Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels.


Katy CliffonNov 16, 2022 11:58 am


A Polish missile was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile, US officials say

A missile that hit Poland on Tuesday evening was fired by Ukrainian troops in their attempt to shoot down an incoming Russian missile, US officials said.

Three US officials, who spoke to the The Bharat Express News on condition of anonymity, said preliminary assessments suggested the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces during Russia’s bombing of energy infrastructure across Ukraine.

Polish officials previously said a “Russian-made missile” had landed in a grain depot in Przewodow, Lublin, about 6 km from the border with Ukraine.

Maryam Zakir-HusseinNov 16, 2022 11:45 AM


Ukraine is considering not evacuating cities – deputy head of the president’s office

Ukrainian officials are not considering evacuating cities after a Russian rocket fire on energy infrastructure left millions without power, a senior official said on Wednesday.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the president’s office, told Ukrainian television that officials and energy workers were instead focused on stabilizing the country’s power grid and had made significant progress following Tuesday’s rocket attacks.

Maryam Zakir-HusseinNovember 16, 2022 11:30 am


Polish president calls rocket attack ‘unfortunate incident’

Poland’s president has said a rocket blast that killed two people near the border with Ukraine appears to be an “accidental accident”, not a “deliberate attack”.

Maryam Zakir-HusseinNov 16, 2022 11:27 am


Heads of state discuss the missile attack in Poland at the G20 summit

The war in Ukraine was the most discussed item in the leaders’ statement, the president of G20 host country Indonesia said, urging all parties not to let tension escalate.

Here’s a photo of the heads of state discussing Tuesday’s rocket attack in Poland that killed two people.


Maryam Zakir-HusseinNov 16, 2022 11:16 AM


French Macron: China can play bigger role in de-escalating Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that G20 leaders agreed to urge Russia to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine and expressed hope that China could play a greater mediating role in that regard in the coming months.


Maryam Zakir-HusseinNovember 16, 2022 11:00 am


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