Police investigate after missing leopard found at Dallas Zoo in Nova


DALLAS (TBEN) — Dallas Zoo officials said Friday that a missing clouded leopard had been found after a daylong search. Evidence was found that the fence of the little cat’s habitat had been “deliberately” cut, police said.

The zoo tweeted that the cat named Nova, who weighs about 20-25 pounds (9-11 kilograms), appeared uninjured and was found near her native habitat. The search had closed Texas’ largest zoo to visitors while staff and police combed the 40-acre site.

“It is our belief that this was an intentional act,” said Dallas Police Sgt. said Warren Mitchel.

The zoo tweeted earlier in the day that the missing cat was a “serious situation,” but officials said the animal posed no danger.

Another clouded leopard at the zoo, Nova’s sister, did not leave its habitat.