Police: No powder found in envelopes in candidate’s office


PHOENIX — An envelope reported by the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona’s campaign to contain a white powder was discarded before it could be analyzed, and no powder was found in two other letters the campaign had turned over to authorities. , officials said.

An analysis by the State Public Health Laboratory of the two subsequent letters sent to the Kari Lake campaign office showed that “there was no powder and no harmful substance in any of the envelopes, but the two letters contained additional derogatory and vulgar statements,” Phoenix Police Department. spokesman Donna Rossi said in a overnight statement.

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Lake campaign security chief Scott Masino said in a statement Saturday that the first envelope containing a “white powdery substance along with a hateful letter” was thrown in the trash by a campaign volunteer who did not report it to security until the trash was cleared. emptied .

The same volunteer later found two other suspicious envelopes that resembled the first due to similar vulgar messages on the outside, the police statement said. They were unopened when turned over for analysis.

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“We have since learned that those two surviving letters contain no substances like the first,” Lake’s security chief said. “We remain incredibly grateful for the dedicated work of law enforcement on this case to keep our office and staff safe.”

Initial reports of the Lake campaign’s discovery of suspicious mail last weekend only mentioned the first envelope, and nothing was said at the time about throwing it in the trash and taking it away before it could be studied.

Phoenix Police and Fire Departments said they were called to the building last weekend over a report of an envelope containing suspicious white powder.

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Police said at the time there were no reports of injuries or illness, although Lake’s campaign had said the staff member who opened the envelope was under medical supervision.

The gubernatorial race between Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs in the pivotal state of the battlefield stayed too early to start on Saturday morning. It often takes days to know the results of important races in Arizona.


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