Police officers hunt for prisoners who have escaped from prison through pipes


Multiple rewards are being offered for any information on the whereabouts of five inmates who escaped Tuesday from St. Francois County Jail in Farmington, Missouri.

The jailers went missing during the 10:00 pm night shift, and upon investigation were seen on surveillance tape breaking into a secure cell and then escaping through a window before climbing the building to the roof and then disappearing in the great plumber’s hunt in which the pipes are housed. of prison.

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$5,000 rewards are offered to inmates Kelly McSean, 52, who identifies as a woman serving time for sexual assault; Aaron Wade Sebastion, 30, is serving time for assault; and Lujuan Tucker, 37, who is also serving time for the statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl. Rewards of $2,500 are being offered for Michael Wilkins, 40, who is serving time for burglary; and Dakota Pace, 26, who is serving time for auto theft.

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The sheriff’s office said the five escaped together and were seen in their orange jumpsuits stealing a dark gray 2009 Toyota Scion TC from a local industrial park. They were then seen on CCTV leaving their orange jumpsuits and leaving them in white thermal underwear. At least one was wearing basketball shorts.

It is unclear whether the five stayed together or split up.

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