Political latest news: GP appointments may just be a phone call, admits Therese Coffey


GPS has criticized the announcement of Therese Coffey’s appointment, arguing that just because the government sets a new two-week target will not address the main issues of lack of funds and high demand.

Ms Coffey told Times Radio that the government wants more GPs to be recruited and that is part of a “longer-term plan already in place”.

She said: “We definitely want more GPs, more clinicians, that’s all part of our longer-term plan that’s already in place.

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“What I’m doing at the moment is really focusing on ABCD – the ambulances, the backlogs, the care, the doctors and dentists – but I’m very aware that almost everyone who has access to the NHS does so through primary care, through their GP, which is why I put so much emphasis on what I’m going to do to help patients get what they expect from GPs and to help GPs deliver it.”

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